What is Effective Cloud Security?

Is your cloud storage service 100% secure? Here are some points that can help you keep your valuable business data safe from breaches now and in the future.  

Cloud Security

There are many good reasons for a business to use the cloud to store business documents. Cloud usage saves a company money, boosts productivity, and enables employees to communicate with each other with ease. Furthermore, the fact that it’s scalable allows a business to adjust the amount of cloud storage space used at any given time.

Even so, it’s imperative to ensure that all business data stored on the cloud is 100% secure at all times. Following is an overview of what effective cloud security looks like for your consideration.

Make Sure Cloud-Based Apps are Secure

Numerous businesses run one or more apps on the cloud. Common options include Microsoft 365, Salesforce.com, Google G Suite, Dropbox and GitHub. Make sure these are secure by patching security flaws as soon as they are discovered.

Pay Attention to Encryption

Good cloud storage servers will secure your data on the cloud. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your data is secure as it travels to and from the cloud. An employee who uses an unsecured network may be exposing valuable data to breaches as he or she sends files to and from your company cloud. You can avoid this problem by having a reputable IT managed service set up a secure network and provide employee security training.

Limit Data Availability

How many employees have access to sensitive business data? Do all these employees need access to the data in question? These are important questions a business owner should ask on a regular basis. Most data breaches are caused by human error. Regular cybersecurity training sessions for employees can reduce the odds of a data breach but it’s also wise to ensure that valuable business data can only be accessed by those who absolutely need access to it.

Have a Security Plan

Every business should have a plan in the event cloud storage data and/or apps are found to be vulnerable to hacks or actually breached. Such a plan should include:

  • A way to remotely delete data so it does not fall into the wrong hands
  • A back-up solution so that data stored on the cloud can be retrieved from another source
  • A strategy for notifying customers and business partners about the breach

Cloud Security Solutions for Denver Organizations

The above-mentioned tips should not scare you out of using the cloud for your business. Research has shown that cloud storage is more secure than a physical data center; what is more, it is also incredibly cost-efficient and can boost a company’s profits and effectivity. At the same time, it’s important to remember that cloud storage is not 100% impervious to breaches and hacks. You need to take measures to keep your cloud-based documents and apps safe at all times and one of the best ways to do this is to partner with a reputable IT managed service in the Denver area.

Elevate specializes in offering cloud security solutions for Denver organizations, providing a wide range of tools to help you keep your IT system secure and running at an optimal speed at all times. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to make an appointment with one of our IT experts.