Microsoft Edge Browser FAQ

Have You Tried The Microsoft Edge Browser?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been around from the early beginnings of the World-Wide Web. Over the years, it was sometimes immersed in controversy since it was “built into” some previous Windows versions. Well, not quite, since knowledgeable users knew how to install other browsers. But when Windows 10 came along, along with it came a new browser, Microsoft Edge. Below are some interesting, frequently asked questions.

Microsoft Edge Browser

What Great Things Can Microsoft Edge Do?

The following wonderful features exist on the newest Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge, released January 15, 2020.

  • It has a new Collections feature that helps organize favorite webpages.
  • Web Note allows you to annotate web pages you find with a pen, highlighter, or typed notes. You can even do artful doodling on those pages, then save them in Edge or into MS OneNote.
  • It natively supports 4K video viewing, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Vision.
  • It runs on and syncs passwords, favorite websites, and settings on macOS, iOS, and Android. A Linux version is also rumored to be in the works for release later in 2020.
  • We are all familiar with horizontal web page tabs, but Edge also has an option to make them vertical, which is great for having lots of tabs open at the same time.
  • When you use passwords, Password Monitor will check autofill passwords against a database to see if they are in use elsewhere.
  • As with all great browsers, Edge also has a Privacy Mode.

Does Microsoft Edge Have Good Internet Protection?

The World-Wide Web, the wild-wild-West of the Internet, danger lurks all around. Cyber-thieves could use adware, malvertising, pharming, formjacking attacks, and man-in-the-middle browser attacks. Webpages may have malicious or poorly programmed scripts able to harm your computer and compromise your security. MS Edge is one of the major browsers in use, so all the reputable security software companies work together with Microsoft to create safe, seamless browsing experiences. Microsoft is continually being attacked from all sides, so its products are always being updated whenever issues are discovered.

Even if you were to accidentally lose or turn off your computer protection software suite of products, MS Edge works with other Windows applications to protect against the most common Internet hazards.

How Often Is Edge Updated?

Windows 10 users know that Microsoft has monthly updates for their systems. MS Edge will sometimes be updated at the same time. The user can also manually do updates or turn on automatic updating.

Is Microsoft Edge Based on Chromium?

The first version of Microsoft Edge came with the launch of Windows 10 using a proprietary Microsoft technology. Starting on January 15, 2020, Microsoft launched a new Google-Chromium-based Edge browser. In some ways, Microsoft’s version is more advanced than Google’s Chrome. For example, it already has anti-tracking defenses built-in. Edge has its own add-on market, however, add-ons can also be obtained from the Chrome Web Store.

Do I Have To Use Microsoft Edge?

If you use Internet Explorer 11 or an earlier version, you are probably using an operating system that will eventually no longer be supported. When that operating system reaches the end of its lifecycle, Microsoft will also phase out all support for that version of Internet Explorer.

However, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many other browsers. Each browser has its strengths and weaknesses. Hard-core users of Chrome often find that MS Edge will often work where Chrome fails.

Should I Use Microsoft Edge?

Does your company require you to log in from home to get access to special web-based database applications? If so, you want to first check with your corporate IT office to see if their software is running software using legacy DLLs: ActiveX Controls, Silverlight, or Java. It is very expensive to make reliable, stable custom controls for specific company needs, so your IT department may want you to wait before trying to access their website for home-based work purposes. However, they may also give you special instructions on how to configure Microsoft Edge to run in IE mode or enterprise mode. Remember, for home-based work with established companies, ask them what upgrades work best before trying something new.

What About Edge with Adobe Flash, ActiveX, Silverlight, or Javascript?

Adobe is ending Adobe Flash after 2020, but Edge supports web pages with and without it. Edge does not support BHOs like Silverlight or Java, nor ActiveX controls. For operating systems that still support Internet Explorer 11, Edge can be set to open web pages with those technologies in IE 11 automatically.

Should I Try the New Microsoft Edge?

Yes! But make sure you first learn it on a personal computer or device. Anybody who does research on the Internet will like the new features within the Edge Browser.


Boost Revenue and Productivity with Managed IT Services In Denver

Managed IT Services In Denver: Boost Revenue and Productivity

You don’t have to listen hard at any gathering of IT professionals to hear the horror stories: vendors who do not deliver when promised, projects that run far over-budget, and internal teams that seem to be continually negative about their IT professionals. Much of this turmoil stems from operational inefficiencies — either due to limited IT resources or aging technology that can’t keep up with the growing needs of the organization. When there’s this level of conflict, it’s difficult for projects to move forward and good staff members become stressed . . . and often leave. Protecting your company against these inevitable problems may seem overwhelming, but can be eased by a partnership for managed IT services in Denver.

Managed IT Services in Denver

Reduce Frustration Between Teams

Slow networks, problems that never seem to be solved, hours (or days!) required to solve even the simplest technical issues — these are all challenges that can be overcome when you partner with a company to provide managed IT services in Denver. When your business teams are well-outfitted with the tools that they need to be effective, they are able to push projects through more quickly and efficiently. This reduces the tension and frustration between teams, helping improve the overall culture of the organization for everyone.

What to Expect from Managed IT Services In Denver

Most importantly, you can expect to receive exceptional service — before, during and after each engagement. Our teams are committed to your success, and we do not consider an engagement complete until our clients are fully satisfied. From our on-time delivery to staying with your budget, you can always expect our IT experts to follow industry best-practices.

Experts Available When You Need Them

Technical problems rarely seem to fall within normal business hours, making it crucial to have the support you need around the clock. The team at Elevate Services Group offers a wide range of managed IT services in Denver, from cloud support and migration to IT road-mapping and a traditional IT Help Desk solution. With experts available 24/7/365, you can be confident that assistance is easy to access.

Secure, Reliable IT Infrastructure for Your Business

IT downtime is a major issue for businesses of all sizes. When you’re working with a proactive IT managed services provider such as Elevate, you have an added peace of mind knowing that the team is continually monitoring your systems to ensure they maintain a high level of availability and uptime. Cybersecurity is an evolving practice, which is why the Elevate Services Group focuses on finding new and innovative solutions to staying ahead of malware, ransomware and other emerging threats.

Accelerating IT Adoption

Bringing new software into you business can be a challenge, particularly if you’re also dealing with aging infrastructure. When you have the cloud-based, resilient operations platforms on which to build, even the most difficult integrations or new platform onboarding becomes more intuitive. Our team is well-versed in helping companies create a roadmap that will help modernize your IT infrastructure while keeping in mind the realities associated with budgeting and your internal approval processes.

Schedule Your Managed IT Services Review With Your Denver IT Team

Founded by business professionals and IT executives, Elevate Services Group knows what it takes to maintain a consistent and secure infrastructure for your business. Each of our highly-trained staff members are wired to help ensure that your IT and business operations are running smoothly and efficiently while making recommendations for enhancements in the future. Contact the Elevate Services Group experts at 720-547-1914 or fill out our quick online form to schedule an appointment for your complimentary initial consultation.

Internal IT vs. Outsourcing IT

Internal IT vs. Outsourcing IT: The Value of Outsourcing to an MSP

The question of whether to outsource or rely on an internal IT team is common. Services that were once considered ‘nice to have’ are now necessities. They include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. While they add a lot of value to your business, they can be difficult to manage if you don’t have a reliable team of IT experts.

Outsourcing IT Services To An MSP

Why Outsourcing To An MSP Make Sense

While having an in-house team presents unique benefits, the value of outsourcing is unrivaled. Some of the reasons why it may be a better choice include the following:

1. Optimized Uptime and Consistency

Having an in-house team is a good idea, but how do you deal with issues after their working hours? Your in-house team has specific working hours. They may need to be away from work because of sickness or personal emergencies. Even the slightest problem could cost you days or hours of work. Outsourcing takes care of that problem. You can enjoy consistent and comprehensive IT support. Your MSP can handle issues as soon as they occur. They are available 24/7 and don’t need to take breaks. Your provider offers regular maintenance to promote peak efficiency.

With cybersecurity, consistency is critical. You cannot afford to snooze. Most ransomware attacks happen outside regular working hours. If you rely on your internal team, you need to wait until the next business day to address them. MSPs, on the other hand, can keep your business safe while you are away.

2. Specialized IT Support

Your in-house IT experts may do their best, but they are unlikely to deliver the expertise you need to take advantage of modern technologies. As your business evolves, you may need to train them or hire a new team. However, the right MSP can cater to the needs of your business as it grows. With their help, your business can take advantage of the latest technologies.

3. A Variety of IT Skillsets for Your Company

Your MSP can provide you with a range of skillsets that are essential for successful network management. They may provide you with IT strategy and planning, cybersecurity, and cloud and mobile expertise. Finding members of an in-house team that have all of these skillsets is difficult, especially if you have a limited budget. The most realistic way to take advantage of all the competencies is by working with an MSP.

4. Maximizing Productivity

Outsourcing is a smart way to free up some time for your team. They can focus on the core purpose of your business while your MSP focuses on IT matters. Your MSP handles issues that your in-house employees would otherwise waste a lot of time trying to resolve.

5. Safeguarding Your Institutional Knowledge

If you choose to work with an in-house team, you may need to spend a lot of time and money training them. When they leave your company, they take all your institutional knowledge with them. The IT industry is competitive, and your former employees are likely to share what they learned from you with their new organizations. With an MSP, you don’t need to go through the trouble of hiring, training, and rehiring staff members. They are a long-term partner that gets you through all the stages of growth.

6. Saving Money

Working with an MSP may be cheaper than hiring an in-house team. It cuts out the cost of training and hiring employees. With MSPs, your business can have less downtime and improved productivity.

The benefits of outsourcing IT services outweigh the advantages of working with an in-house team. The most outstanding ones include safeguarding your institutional knowledge, improving your productivity, 24/7 support, and specialized IT support.

Alleviate Customers’ Booking Frustrations with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings: Part Of Your Microsoft 365 Subscription

For service-based businesses, a significant paint point in the customer experience is the simple process of scheduling an appointment.


A traditional appointment-booking system requires the customer to call (or email now) and ask about an available timeslot. There’s then a back-and-forth of suggesting and checking different times that takes place until a mutually suitable time is found and booked.


This process requires customers to call during business hours when it’s done over the phone, and it requires customers to wait for an email response if done via the web. Neither of these is ideal, and the negative impact can be especially substantial because scheduling an appointment is often the first interaction a customer has with a business.


Microsoft Bookings modernizes the appointment-scheduling process so that it’s efficient and — most importantly — easy for customers to book timeslots through.


The Benefits of Using Microsoft Bookings

Some of the most important benefits that Microsoft Bookings provides improved customer experience.


Customers and clients can easily schedule appointments through the web-based platform, so they can book timeslots at their convenience rather than a business’ convenience. If a customer has a few spare minutes during the day, they can quickly log onto a business’ website and find and available time. Alternatively, they also can schedule appointments late at night, early in the morning, and on the weekend regardless of whether a business is open. The appointment software operates 24/7 for them.


Also, customers don’t have to go through the back-and-forth of suggesting times and seeing whether they’re available. When a customer logs onto a business’ website, the customer can instantly see what timeslots are available for certain services. Form the available choices, they can immediately schedule the opening that they prefer.


Businesses also benefit on the back end, where the Microsoft Bookings platform keeps everyone current on what timeslots and services have been booked. Each time a customer makes a booking, every connected device is instantly updated to reflect the schedule change. This ensures customers don’t double-book appointments, and it also makes sure employees know which of their timeslots are taken.


The Ease of Booking Appointments with Microsoft Bookings

The actual process of finding and scheduling an appointment with Microsoft Bookings is straightforward.


After the software platform is installed, a business can publish its appointment availability, and details such as services offered, employees involved, and other items can be included.


Customers then log onto the business’ website and see what appointments are available. They select the timeslot and service they want and schedule the appointment. An email confirmation is sent to the customer as a notification is pushed to the business as well. Shortly before the scheduled appointment, a reminder email is sent to the customer to decrease no-shows.


The Types of Businesses That Benefit From Microsoft Bookings

Almost any business that offers scheduled services can benefit from the scheduling ease that Microsoft Bookings provides. Law firms, dental offices, consultants, financial advisors, salons, and many other businesses can use this software — and many may find that it’s already included in their Microsoft 365 subscription.


Get Assistance with Microsoft Bookings

If your business would like to benefit from the ease and simplicity of Microsoft Bookings, contact us for assistance setting up the platform. Offering a full range of help Microsoft 365 programs, we’re well-acquainted with this particular application. Our team can quickly get it set up for you and show you just how easy it is to use the platform.

Microsoft Bookings

4 Ways Outsourcing Support for Your IT Help Desk in Denver Helps Boost Internal Productivity

IT Help Desk in Denver: Why Outsource To An IT Services Company

The quality of your technology lifecycle and IT support are integral to the success of your business operations. Without a robust IT helpdesk function, this puts business continuity at risk. Technology challenges are inevitable and as your business evolves and grows, there is no doubt that you will be met with constant technology challenges. At first, it starts with a backlog of support requests morphing into applying patches several months later culminating in expired software licenses and redundant hardware. These small issues end up becoming a major problem that can become expensive to fix. Here are 4 ways how outsourcing support for your IT helpdesk needs will help boost internal productivity.

IT Help Desk In Denver

Outsourcing Support for Your IT Help Desk in Denver Streamlines Operations

Recent statistics show the cost of hiring in-house IT support technicians are one of the biggest challenges facing small to medium business leaders today. Apart from finding qualified individuals, an even bigger challenge is what happens if your in-house IT support personnel get sick or resign instantly disrupting workflows. Unless you employ enough people to cover the hours needed to support your operations when needed, your business could be left without any IT helpdesk expertise.

Elevate Services Group is not your typical IT consultant or traditional managed services provider. We offer scalable and secure technology solutions that support small to medium businesses in the Denver area. Outsourcing your IT helpdesk function is a viable and reliable option to support your ongoing operations. With the right partner, outsourcing will boost internal productivity allowing your business and technology professionals to concentrate on what they do best while leaving the challenges of IT support to the experts.

Trained Technicians Boost Internal Productivity

Not only do trained IT professionals boost internal productivity, but they can also help reduce any downtime that ultimately affects your bottom line. Without an adequate IT helpdesk solution, one day you will need to juggle your technology infrastructure and wiring along with business operations. The next day your customer services manager is fixing connectivity and printer issues while someone in marketing is trying to set up new workstations. Not only is this frustrating to employees, but it’s also a drag on their morale. An IT helpdesk technician can fix these issues in no time leaving your people to focus on what they are qualified to do which automatically boosts internal productivity. Elevate Services Group can free you and your employees from having to support the inevitable annoying IT issues that arise throughout the day. We provide the expertise to support any IT helpdesk requests enabling your people to continue to be productive while you concentrate on streamlining essential operations, driving sales, and reducing business expenses.

Outsourcing IT Support Reduces Costs

Downtime is expensive if caught unaware therefore a major benefit of outsourcing your helpdesk function is it reduces the costs associated with any downtime. Knowing what your fixed costs for IT support helps with the budgeting process. When your employees aren’t working to capacity, this puts your productivity to the test. Outsourcing your IT Help Desk function allows you to add consistency to IT support expenses balancing the lifecycle of hardware and software needs without incurring massive unexpected bills. For a flat fee, Elevate Services Group can not only handle all your IT support requests efficiently, but we can also help you plan your technology needs for the future.

New Technology is Adopted More Rapidly

The adoption of new technology is what gives you a sustainable competitive advantage. Outsourcing your technology needs enables faster adoption of any new technology that improves productivity. Working with us gives you access to IT professionals who keep abreast of advances in the technology world. They are also experts in backup and recovery platforms along with working knowledge of advanced security processes which are imperative to the sustainability of any business operation.

In addition to providing robust support solutions for your IT helpdesk requests, Elevate Services Group provides around-the-clock protection for your data and network. Small technology issues can have big consequences for small to medium businesses. Moving your IT helpdesk to an experienced services provider like Elevate Services Group can transform your IT service center needs from a resource-hungry irritant to a strength that positions your business for sustainable success. Call us today on 303-672-8008 or contact us via email to find out just how cost-effective and simple outsourcing your IT helpdesk function can be.

Microsoft Office Lens Lets You Scan Virtually Anything

How Microsoft Office Lens Lets You Scan Virtually Anything

As businesses move online, more of their documents become virtual. Even with the mass migration to the digital world, however, there’s still plenty of work done on paper and other real-world canvases. From sticky notes to whiteboards, important information can be crafted and presented in a physical format only to be erased or thrown out moments later. To prevent the loss of data, one would normally have to manually input it into a digital format. That is, unless they make use of Microsoft Office Lens. Learn how Microsoft Office Lens lets you scan virtually anything.

How It Works

Think of Microsoft Office Lens as a portable scanner. It’s an app for your mobile device that lets you scan a variety of different documents. Once these documents are scanned, they are saved in a digital format as an image. While its basic functionality makes it sound no different from a camera function, its extra features take the app to the next level.

With this app, any document you scan will automatically be enhanced, cleaned up, and cropped as needed to make its information easily readable and accessible. Shadows will be eliminated and images will be rotated as needed to get rid of any potential warping of the information due to odd angles. The app can even go so far as to transform images that were drawn by hand into isolated and movable objects. Every object that the app makes from any scanned information can be edited completely as well.

The Four Operational Modes

Microsoft Office Lens features four distinct modes that apply to different scenarios. Each has its own unique function, but they all work to digitize documents and images. The four modes are:

  • Photo: The standard photo mode accomplishes what you might expect from any kind of camera app. You can take pictures of people or any kind of scenery, and the app will automatically remove glares and shadows as well as crop the image to be easy to see.
  • Business card: With this mode, the app will automatically extract important information from any business card and then populate your phone’s contact information with the relevant text. This works with a variety of languages as well, which is useful if you’re dealing with non-English-speaking businesses or clients.
  • Document: The document mode is best used to clear up any text that’s difficult to read. One primary example of this would be scanning a restaurant menu. Each of the options would then be digitized and able to be edited individually.
  • Whiteboard: One of the most popular settings is the whiteboard mode. When you’re in a brainstorming session with your team and you have a whiteboard full of ideas, this mode can put all that information into a convenient digital format. Any glares from the whiteboard are also automatically removed. Keep in mind that this works for blackboards as well.

Where Do the Scans End Up?

Once you scan any kind of image using Microsoft Office Lens, where it ends up is largely up to you, as there are several options available. As you might expect, you can save the images as JPEG files, which can then be exported to OneDrive or OneNote. You can also save an image as a PDF document, as part of a PowerPoint, or as a Word document. Once the file type is established, the images can then be treated as any file would be.

With Microsoft Office Lens, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a portable scanner in your pocket. Save your notes with confidence!

Did You Really “Reply All” On That Last Email?

Office Workers Rejoice: Microsoft is Finally Subduing the Dreaded’ Reply All’

Do never-ending reply-all threads emails put a damper on your business chewing up precious time and resources? The good news is, Microsoft rolled out Reply-All-Storm Protection to all Microsoft Office 365 users, an update announced in 2019 that seeks to ease the email disruption to business continuity. Microsoft is finally subduing the dreaded Reply-All function. Your office workers can now rejoice! Last year, at the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft announced it would work on a feature that would help prevent Reply-All email storms on Microsoft 365 Exchange email servers. Microsoft says the “Reply-All-Storm Protection” feature will block all email threads with more than 5,000 recipients that have generated more than 10 Reply-All sequences within the last 60 minutes.

Please Stop The Reply All Emails

The Flow On Effect of Reply-All Email Storms

When a Reply-All mail storm happens in your organization, it can easily disrupt business continuity. In worst-case scenarios, it can throttle the rest of your organization’s email for a significant period. Emails already drain 5 hours of worker’s time every day without having email servers slowing down or crashing. What happens if the number of recipients in an email chain is large when multiple employees hit the Reply-All button, then the ensuing event generates massive amounts of traffic that will either slow down or crash email servers. Events like this happen almost all the time sometimes because a few employees participating and amplifying Reply-All storms are using this as a prank. Microsoft itself has also fallen victim to Reply-All email storms on at least two occasions, the first in January 2019, and a second in March 2020. The Microsoft Reply-All email storms included more than 52,000 employees, who ended up clogging the company’s internal communications for hours.

How Reply-All Storm Protection Works

Reply-All Storm Protection in some ways sounds pretty simple, but there’s some pretty cool stuff going on in the cloud, that makes this possible: When Microsoft detects what looks like it might become a Reply-All storm, anyone who subsequently attempts to reply to everyone will get a Non-Delivery-Receipt (NDR) message back instead. This basically tells them to stop trying to Reply-All to the thread. Once the feature gets triggered, Exchange Online will block all replies in the email thread for the next four hours, preventing email servers from crashing or slowing down. This feature allows servers to prioritize actual emails and shut down the Reply-All storm.

Further Updates Expected

Over time, as Microsoft gathers usage telemetry and customer feedback, they expect to tweak, fine-tune, and enhance the Reply-All Storm Protection feature to make it even more valuable to a broader range of Microsoft 365 customers. Microsoft said future updates are expected as they will continue working on the functionality going forward, promising to add controls for Exchange admins so they can set their own storm detection limits. Other planned features also include Reply-All storm reports and real-time notifications to alert administrators of an ongoing email storm so that they can keep an eye on the email server’s status for possible slowdowns or crashes. “Humans still behave like humans no matter which company they work for,” the Exchange team said. “We’re already seeing the first version of the feature successfully reduce the impact of reply all storms within Microsoft.”

Microsoft Outlook: FindTime With Colleagues

Everything You Need to Know About Operating and Using FindTime

Scheduling meetings seems like it should be an easy task. However, anyone who does business knows with everyone’s busy schedules how difficult it can be to find a time that works for everyone who needs to attend. FindTime is an Outlook add-in that can help companies manage the task of organizing meetings that fits into everyone’s schedule. The following is everything you should know about FindTime.


1. What is FindTime?

FindTime is an add-in from Microsoft’s Outlook that is used to simplify the process of scheduling meetings. FindTime was first introduced in 2015. A few years later it was changed and renamed Find a Time. In 2017 FindTime was back again. With FindTime a business can eliminate wasted time playing email tag just to schedule a meeting. Microsoft made sure FindTime was as secure as possible by encrypting personal information such as email addresses. In fact, everything including email subject, the email body, and the attendees the information is sent to is encrypted.

2. How Does it Operate?

Invitations to vote on meeting times can be sent to a variety of email addresses. These include Yahoo, Gmail, and other providers. With the data provided by users, FindTime can quickly figure which days and times will work best. The program can find openings in each person’s schedule that will work for meetings. The individual sending out invitations can then propose several selected times for the meeting. The attendees that have received invitations will all vote on the time they want. After a meeting time is chosen, FindTime sends out a notice to each attendee.

3. Who Can Use It?

To use FindTime, it’s necessary for the individual or business organizing the meeting to have Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. It can also be used with an Enterprise account that has Exchange Online. It’s important to know that the recipients of meetings scheduled using FindTime do not need to have the add-in installed. If a person is sent a request by someone that has FindTime, this person can still vote on meeting times without actually having the app. In fact, they don’t even need Office 365. It’s only necessary to have an email to be a recipient.

4. How Does Installation Work?

Installation is incredibly easy. All a person needs is Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. It can also be installed on Exchange Online through an Enterprise account. According to Microsoft support, it’s necessary to take the following steps to install FindTime from Outlook for the web.

  • Open Outlook
  • Select New Message
  • Select the Ellipses Button
  • Select Get Add-ins
  • Select FindTime

It’s also possible to install FindTime in Outlook Desktop and from the FindTime site.

5. Why Does Your Company Need FindTime?

FindTime is easy to implement and can be used by any type of employee. Saving time and squeezing more productivity into the same 24 hours is something every organization is striving for. TechRepublic states several good reasons why a company would want to use FindTime.

  • FindTime is easy to use.
  • FindTime is necessary only for the individual scheduling the meeting.
  • FindTime ends the hassle of back-and-forth between those trying to schedule a meeting.
  • FindTime sets up the meeting and informs each person who is invited.
  • FindTime is part of Microsoft 365, which many people already have.

FindTime is an add-in that nearly any type of business, large or small, will find useful. Spending more time trying to schedule a meeting instead of actually attending the meeting will be a thing of the past with FindTime.

Microsoft FindTime

Three Reasons Why Your Small Business Can Benefits from Elevate’s IT Managed Services

Small Business can Benefit from Elevate’s IT Managed Services.

Elevate is a leading IT managed service provider that specializes in providing IT managed services to corporations throughout the Denver area. As such, we have the experts, tools, and services you need to revolutionize IT operations for any business, enabling you to boost sales and profits while reducing business expenses and streamlining essential operations.

The following are three key reasons why we’re the company of choice for growing companies looking to improve their IT set-up.

IT Managed Services

We Can Meet All Your IT Needs

Recent statistics show that one of the biggest challenges growing businesses face is finding qualified individuals to hire. Thankfully, you can avoid spending long hours searching for an experienced IT technician who is familiar with your industry by partnering with our team of certified, trained experts. For a flat fee, we’ll not only handle all your current IT needs but also help you plan for the future so you can easily stay a step ahead of your competition. Alternatively, we can partner with your current IT expert if you have one to fill in the gaps that he or she is unable to attend.

We Put a Premium on Cybersecurity

IT experts are warning that businesses forced to allow their employees to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic are facing an uptick in cyberattacks from cyber criminals out to either steal a company’s data or hold it hostage in exchange for a ransom. Having a savvy IT network administrator who can prevent the overwhelming majority of cyberattacks is a must, and Elevate has the cutting-edge tools and personnel needed for the job. We offer endpoint security, 24/7 network monitoring services, and next-generation firewall software to keep your systems secure at all times.

Our IT Consulting Services can Ensure Your “Reopening Strategy” is a Success.

CIOs are warning companies that the world won’t be the same even after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, and they’re right. Employees who have grown accustomed to working from home may want to continue doing so, and those who return to the office will naturally want to avoid close contact with fellow employees. These changes will impact a company’s IT set-up, requiring many businesses to make changes to enable employees to do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and in a safe, healthy environment.

Our many years of experience in providing digital transformation services make us the partner of choice for any business that needs to adapt to the new work environment successfully. We’ll start by getting to know your business model and then conducting a comprehensive assessment of your IT operations. Next, we’ll make recommendations that can help you improve your IT set-up to boost efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum. Finally, we’ll supervise the implementation of your digital revolution, tweaking the plan as it goes along to enable you to upgrade your IT operations while still maintaining day-to-day operations.

Get Started with Elevate

Elevate is the number one rated network security firm in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in providing comprehensive IT managed services to corporations in the local area, enabling busy business owners to focus on business growth without worrying about IT downtime, breaches, and breakdowns. Get in touch with us at your convenience if you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we offer or schedule an appointment with our team of IT experts.

We look forward to providing the customized IT services you need to protect, adapt, and grow your business now and in the future.