The Modern Business: How to Invest in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Denver


The vast majority of business happens online now in days. No matter what you do, a good chunk of your business exists in the digital space where it can be incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You don’t want to leave the defense of your network up to just anyone. For example, you wouldn’t leave the security of your home up to just any company. Elevate Service Group, a cybersecurity company in Denver, is the company you want there to protect your network from hackers and other malicious digital threats.



Find out below the best ways we can offer you investment in your cybersecurity to help you keep your business safe and secure at all times.


Network Monitoring


Keeping tabs on your network is incredibly important to your cybersecurity. Our IT team can offer you round the clock monitoring to ensure protection even when you’re asleep, on vacation, or during holidays. We will monitor any suspicious activity and be on the lookout for weak spots that could become problems later. We also will regularly check for updates to stay one step ahead of hackers.


Setting up Firewalls


Getting a firewall for your system is essential. You need a perimeter vanguard of your system and we don’t offer just anything. Elevate utilizes the top of line firewall programs and antivirus/anti-malware programs to detect threats and eliminate them. Malicious hackers or programs will have no foothold in your business thanks to our firewall efforts. Other perimeter cybersecurity tools are also available for you to utilize to keep the borders of your network as secure as possible from attack.


Endpoint Cybersecurity


In the work environment of today, employees work remotely more than they ever have before. This means third-party systems are constantly in interaction with your business. Our offerings in endpoint security ensure that only authorized mobile devices and other programs can access your company’s network. We provide further encryption services for file transfers and cloud storage needs. Everything is secure, no matter where you’re working from.


Incident Response Planning


Unfortunately, even the most top of line systems can’t fully commit to 100% incident free protection. This is why it’s important to have an incident response plan if a hacker or piece of malware ever finds its way into your network. We can help with that. This means putting together data back-ups, harddrive wiping procedures, data access, malware location programs, and more. Even though we intend for you never to use them, it’s important to have plans in place for when a hacker finds their way in.


If you’re ready to get started or want to know more about our offerings, you can get in contact with a cybersecurity company in Denver to start the process. Don’t hesitate about your cybersecurity and don’t leave it up to luck that hackers don’t reach you. Have a system that works and a plan in place.