What does IT Support do?

What does IT Support do?


IT support is typically handled by an MSP, or managed services provider. This is a team of skilled IT professionals that can help take your business practices to the next level. From fixing networking issues to handling IT security, IT support Denver is completely customizable to your business needs. Keep reading to discover more about how IT support can help your Denver business. 


A Two-Pronged Approach to IT Management


When it comes to IT management, your MSP will oversee many different strategies, networks, and equipment. IT management encompasses a wide range of responsibilities within the organization, and it all depends on your specific needs and requirements. 


For example, you might be an organization who requires a more hands-on approach to ensuring that your hardware and phone systems are functioning properly. Or, perhaps your company has a lot of overhead and requires more cloud-based security protocols in place. 


Whatever your needs, IT support from an MSP can help achieve your goals with a two-pronged approach through both Strategic and Operational support management. 


Examples of Strategic Support


IT Security Monitoring. IT Security is extremely important in today’s digital age. IT Security Monitoring helps ensure that your online systems are secure from threats like phishing emails, bots, and hacking. Consistent security monitoring is a preemptive tool used by many IT security professionals


Restoration and Recovery. In the case of a database breach, file corruption, hacking incident, or theft or destruction to physical equipment, IT support can help you recover. Restoration and backup recovery of online files is one of the many jobs that IT support can help you with, so that your business can get back to normal operation.


Network and Structure Analysis. With the help of IT support, you make sure that your network, systems, and business structure are running as smoothly as possible. You’ll get the best suggestions for your organization, including which hardware, software, cloud-based, and security systems are right for you.


Examples of Operational Support


Business system fixes. Many businesses rely on their on-premise hardware systems to function smoothly at all times. This includes on-site computers, phones, and other office necessities like printers. When computers shut-down or email inboxes lag, it can throw off the entire business operations for that day. IT support can be on-call to fix these issues when they happen so that your business continues to run as smoothly as possible. 


Support for Employees. Unexpected bugs happen, and it’s important for an IT specialist to handle these issues directly. Having an on-call MSP team ensures that your employees never have to worry about phishing emails, networking issues, or problems with on-site machinery. 


Software License Management. IT support can also help manage the many licenses and requirements for certain software programs. These are especially prevalent for businesses who work with cloud-service providers or have trouble keeping track of their recurring payment packages with various business softwares. 


If you’re ready to make the switch to a managed services provider and get professional IT support for your business, contact ELEVATE.