Why Using the Cloud Needs a Different Approach to Security

Network Security Solutions In Denver Colorado

Perimeter Security vs. Endpoint Security

Your company needs to keep data safe. Do this with a well-rounded approach to endpoint and perimeter security.  

Network Security Solutions In Denver Colorado

Statistics show that 4.1 billion records were exposed by data breaches in the first half of 2019. That number should shock and scare you. It often feels like the Good Guys simply can’t keep up with all of the techniques that hackers come up with.

As technology advances, users expect more mobility. Customers want to be able to access their customer data from their smartphones. Workers often check emails or complete tasks from laptops in hotel rooms or coffee shops. We’re storing more data in the cloud so that it’s not tying up physical resources like desktop computers. All of these trends can put your company at risk for a data breach.

Using the cloud and/or allowing remote access requires a different approach to network security. It’s time to learn more about the difference between perimeter and endpoint security.

Perimeter Security: The Security You Know

Most companies do a pretty good job of perimeter security because it’s the type of security that initially mattered the most. It’s about setting up your perimeter so that people from outside your network can’t get in and access your data.

In the past, employees typically worked in an office building, so the IT team only had to concern themselves with setting up this security around a single physical location. Customers may have been allowed into the network to utilize specific services, but they wouldn’t have been able to access any of the company’s private data, such as the things you’d find in shared folders or other user’s data.

Perimeter security is still important, but companies need to expand their ideas of the perimeter.

Endpoint Security: The Biggest Risk Right Now

Endpoint security is the security you have on the user’s end, whether that’s attached to a smartphone, a laptop, or even the Internet of Things. Those who don’t have a deep knowledge of network security might assume that as long as an employee is signing in to the company network using their login information that everything they do is secure.

This isn’t necessarily true. Internet access at other access points such as a hotel or the employee’s home simply isn’t as secure in general.

Furthermore, it seems that 39.7 percent of users never or only sometimes use the company’s cybersecurity protocols when accessing the system remotely. That really opens the company up for attacks.

The Solution: Defense at Every Point

Companies must keep their data secure, especially when that data is sensitive customer information. The key to doing this is to make sure that you have security measures in place wherever users may be accessing your data. You need to have strong perimeter security, but you need to have strong endpoint security as well. Carefully looking at how your employees and your customers connect to your services can show you what you’ll need to do to create a more secure environment.

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