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Outsourced IT Support Denver
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A Top-Tier IT Department Minus the Cost

Hiring IT experts isn’t cheap. You’ll need to shell out competitive salaries and provide benefits that will make competent and experienced IT people want to work with you. What’s more, you’ll also need to pay for top-tier IT equipment you need to do your job, and this equipment will need to be upgraded periodically so you can stay in step with market expectations.

Outsourced IT support in Denver drastically reduces these expenses. You’ll pay a flat fee for a wide range of services, expertise, and personnel; also, Elevate as your IT managed service will handle the cost of upgrading IT software and hardware you use to run your operations and take ownership of your IT from top to bottom.

Why Choose Elevate as Your Outsourced IT Support?

Denver IT Experts You Can Trust

Elevate supports a wide variety of companies, not just limited to those that are currently utilizing an outsourced IT or MSP model. We take companies that have limited to no formal IT to a functional IT state. We also even see businesses with a competent IT department that benefit from partnering with outsourced IT or a Managed Services Provider.


IT managed services offer access to cutting-edge tools and resources that can help you stay a step ahead of the competition. It’s not just about knowing what tools to employ, but how to use them, as well.

No matter the need – whether security, migration, upgrades, application changes, etc. – you can be sure that we have had that experience.


You’ll never have to worry about your IT equipment crashing when your in-house experts are unavailable because you’ll have an entire team to offer in-house and remote support. Elevate believes that the IT function should never fall on the shoulders of a few select people. A single hour of downtime can cost your business up to $540,000, making consistent IT support an important consideration.


Having to take time from your day-to-day to deal with a password issue, data breach, IT breakdown, or network issues impedes your ability to grow. Hiring an outsourced IT team like Elevate gives you the time you need to focus on work that only you can do.

Outsourced IT experts will not only prevent many IT problems but also deal with them quickly and competently when they do arise.


Furthermore, outsourced IT companies like Elevate focus solely on the IT industry, applying energy and expertise to areas that you don’t have bandwidth to explore. Most companies don’t know what you don’t know about IT until the business suffers. This is why Elevate continually stays abreast of tech trends and developments to give you command of your IT and offer IT leadership and skills that can grow your business.

Outsourced IT Support in Denver

Outsourced IT Support Denver
Solve the IT Problem Before It Happens

Holistic, Proactive Approach to IT Services

Elevate stands out because of our holistic, proactive approach to outsourced IT support. We’re not content to fix problems as they arise. Instead, we start each client relationship with a comprehensive overview of your entire IT set-up. We assess your strong and weak areas and look for ways to improve your IT department to ensure it runs at optimal speed and performance levels.

Furthermore, we understand that IT is a journey and your vCIO is working with you to create a roadmap based on your business goals and standards to ensure that your IT is not just keeping your business running – it is also the engine accelerating toward the future

Denver Outsourced IT
Choose the IT Solution That is Best for You

Differentiate Between IT Services

It’s not hard to find companies that offer outsourced IT support in Denver. So how do you differentiate between service providers?

At baseline, you need a company that is familiar with your industry needs and able to offer the specific services and tools to ensure your IT is always running well. This may include quick and responsive help desk, project expertise, and strategic competency.

More than that, you need someone to take ownership of your IT performance so that there is real accountability and a platform for performance, standards, and project metrics to be tracked and recorded. Elevate offers this with an assigned vCIO and vIT Director who are your go-to resources in your outsourced IT department.

Our goal is to give you command of your IT, and we stop at nothing to get you there.

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