What Every Medical Service Provider Should Know about HIPAA Compliant IT Services in Denver

HIPAA Compliant Medical IT Services

How an IT Service can Protect Medical Service Providers

Cybercriminals are continually targeting the medical industry. Discover how to avoid becoming the victim of a breach by working with an IT service provider.  

Nearly 90% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach in the last two years. What is more, cybercrime is likely to cost the industry a whopping $6 trillion over the next three years. Given these facts, it is important for Denver-based medical service providers to get to know what HIPAA Compliant IT Services in Denver are and how to use them to not only avoid breaches but also boost efficiency and profits.

Who Needs HIPAA Compliant IT Services in Denver?

Cybercriminals frequently target small to medium-sized businesses linked to the medical industry because they know that these businesses have fewer cybersecurity resources on hand to prevent and/or respond to breaches than large organizations. At the same time, hackers also don’t mind targeting large hospitals, clinics, and other organizations in the hopes of accessing large sums of cash or a treasure trove of personal information that would be worth a bundle on the dark web.

At the same time, large companies have the resources on hand to hire an in-house IT team to prevent threats while small companies try to make do with a single full or part-time IT professional. Thankfully, a HIPAA compliant IT service in Denver can make up the difference by offering small companies the same top-tier IT services available to national and international players.

What do HIPAA Compliant IT Services in Denver Do?

HIPAA compliant IT services in Denver vary somewhat depending on which company one works with. However, there are certain core services that one can expect to receive from a good IT service provider. These include:

  • Assistance from experienced certified IT technicians who are also familiar with HIPAA guidelines and requirements
  • 24/7 help in the event of a breach, breakdown, or any other type of IT malfunction
  • Periodic security training for employees
  • Secure cloud service to allow a business to back-up information in real-time
  • Disaster plans to limit the effect of a cyberattack
  • IT service management to help a company set up and maintain an effective, speedy, secure IT set-up at all times.

HIPAA stipulates what must be done in the event of a breach but it doesn’t offer counsel on what can be done to prevent breaches. That is why every single business and organization that is connected to the medical industry should work with a seasoned HIPAA compliant IT service provider to protect patient information from falling into the wrong hands.

Elevate is a leading IT service provider in Denver that specializes in meeting the needs of the medical industry. The company uses a unique IT consultation and management structure to provide customized assistance to every single business it works with. Get in touch to find out more or to make an appointment with one of our IT experts.