Stop Intruders From Breaking Into Your Business With Network Penetration Testing

Deploying Network Penetration Testing in Denver

The Value Proposition of Deploying Network Penetration Testing in Denver  

Data security vulnerability has escalated exponentially with the evolution of network technology. The 2019 Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Reports indicate that 52% of breaches involved hacking, 21% engineered by human error, 15% involved misuse by authorized users, and 33% involved social engineering. This points to a severe need for data security arrangements.

For this reason, is it practical to question the efforts put into place to curb such vulnerabilities? Has the veracity of security testing developed since its discovery? Have our systems adopted new approaches to the measurement of data security and tools to counter the problems? What do you understand by network penetration testing? Read further to get a more profound understanding of this testing procedure and how it protects from intruders.

Deploying Network Penetration Testing in Denver

What is Network Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing or pen test is deployed to identify systemic vulnerabilities in a network. Necessarily, a pen test interferes with an attack or attempts to surpass the controls in place. It also provides a report on areas of weaknesses for appropriate action to follow.

A pen test is a configured and active action to evaluate network security through a careful examination to counter any form of foreign attack. This process helps to endorse the reliability of the defensive system and adherence of end-users to security requirements.

What Are the Two Types of Network Penetration Testing?

Network Penetration testing in Denver is split into internal and external pen test. An external penetration exploits any critical attacks that could be engulfed by an adverse compromise disrupting daily operations, damaging and stealing private information.

On the other hand, an internal test usually assumes a system has in-house network access. It alerts the business owner in case an employee attempts to get data without official authorization. It can also forecast the magnitude of damage an attack can cause if an employee lays their hands on a phishing attack. Additionally, it reveals how deep your network users could go to obtain privileged information by linking their computers to the network.

An internal pen test is deployed to establish, compile, and report vulnerability areas. The implementation of both methodologies provides a clearer insight into IT-related business risks, including recommending appropriate mitigation measures.

Which Industries Require Network Penetration Testing?

Most hackers, whether amateurs or expert, shares similar goals; stealing valuable resources away from your business. Their focus also shifts to sabotaging workflows in your corporation. Noteworthy, a single hacking attack may result in downtime, hence, harming your company’s image.

Business partners and clients may worry about their security due to ties with your organization. Therefore, any entity, small or large, that depends on IT must have a firm grip on network testing and update its security topography. This forestalls the negative impact of system sabotage and hacking.

How HackerProof is Your System?

The striking difference between an actual hacking event and penetration test is the safety preserved throughout the penetration test. It emulates a hacking activity and interferes with the attacks to reveal the potential damage of a malicious attack. Crucially, a company can gauge the timing of the test and get its IT department notified on any active intruder. Unearth your system vulnerabilities with network penetration testing in Denver.

If you are looking for the safest method of testing how secure your system is against foreign cyber-attack attempts, then the pen test is a certain way to go. In case a potential hacker tries to compromise the system, it models every action arising from bugs, code errors, insecure settings, or operational infiltration.

Most companies undertake penetration tests during the post-acquisition period of novel IT infrastructure or right after administering changes on the computer systems. This process allows for the identification and validation of underlying security loopholes ahead of cybercriminals.

What is the Cost Implication of a Data Breach and Can Network Penetration Tests Intervene?

The redemption expenditure of breaches drains millions of company resources, including enforcement penalties, business loss, and client protection mechanisms. Research proves the expenses of reversing data breaches can take up to $3.86 million and an upshot of 6.4% in subsequent years. Network penetration testing in Denver offers professional advice on significant steps and interventions for building a highly secure business environment.

Can Network Penetration Testing Assure Efficient Security Standards?

Report of a penetration test is a vital component for evaluating the present level of safety of the IT system. The organization’s executive team gets equipped with relevant information on existing security issues and their possible effect on the network system’s performance. Additionally, a robust penetration tester comes with a wide range of remediation strategies. Moreover, the tester can also form a dependable data security system.

What is the Compliance Demands of Network Penetration Testing in Denver?

Apart from guarding your company data, frequent penetration maneuvers ensure that organizations remain compliant with regulations. The standards are stipulated by the highest safety standards, like PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. The set standards expect system proprietors to do consistent penetration tests as well as conducting security audits assisted by certified security analysts. This way, hefty fines arising from non-compliance can be easily avoided.

How Does Network Penetration Testing in Denver Impact Your Reputation?

A severe security attack can lead to long-term reputation damage and loss of loyal customers, once a business-sensitive data is compromised. Such unforeseen occurrences can be avoided with regular penetration testing. Companies can advance their pen tests with time, in case demand for an in-depth scope of the analysis becomes an essential requirement.

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One may presume that regular firewalls and ordinary passwords are sufficient to ensure watertight security. Hardcore hackers may easily bypass the internal security system and get away with volumes of essential details without your knowledge.

Ultimately, network penetration testing in Denver is the surest guard to a company’s data troves. It also reveals how effective and ineffective a hacking attempt can be. An organization that embraces penetration tests will habitually prioritize its security investment, keep abreast of industry regulations, and formulate defensive mechanisms to safeguard the business space from intruders.

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