What Is an IT Support Technician?

What Is an IT Support Technician?


Computers and technology are integral to keeping businesses moving forward. Sometimes, things break down or don’t go as planned. That’s where your information technology (IT) support technician comes in. These technicians are at the crux of all IT support in Denver, but their common job duties and requirements might be a bit confusing for some. Here’s a look at what an IT support technician does. 


Technicians Deliver On-Call Support


An IT support technician is generally in charge of resolving technical issues and offering support for computers and other technology. If something stops working, or isn’t working the way it is supposed to, the IT department generally receives a complaint call. They diagnose the issue and help the customer solve the problem, if possible. 


Technicians have to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the hardware and software they are providing support for. From printers to monitors to operating systems, the IT support technician has to know not only how everything works, but also how it works within a particular company’s system. This support is perhaps the IT support technician’s most important duty, and wide range of comprehensive knowledge is a vital piece to ensuring that success.


Setup & Maintenance Are Also Important


IT support technicians do much more than answer troubleshooting calls. When new systems are implemented, or current systems are upgraded, it’s these technicians that are often front and center in getting them installed properly. Depending on the size of the company they work for or the client they’re helping, this can be an extensive process with little room for error. Reliance on technology is what makes a lot of systems go, so these upgrades and installations have to be done smoothly.


Along those same lines, regular maintenance is also key. There can’t be any hiccups or pauses in how these systems operate, so keeping up with current upgrades and updates is imperative to continuing that success. This requires not only diligence and know-how on what’s being upgraded, but great communication between those that are getting the maintenance so they know if there will be any interruptions. 


Protect From Outside Threats


Technology is everywhere, but so are threats to security of those systems. Identity thieves and other hackers are always looking for cracks in the armor of these systems to take advantage of the information held within. IT support technicians are the first line of defense against these types of threats, and have to be informed on the multitude of threats that are out there.  


It’s common for an It support technician to deal with viruses, loss of data, and malware designed to infiltrate their company’s or client’s privileged information. Things are constantly changing on this front, as those seeking the information are constantly finding new ways to break into servers and systems. Staying informed on current trends and tricks used by these hackers is important so that the technician can do their best to protect against these threats.


From server security to keeping computers up and running, there is a vast multitude of benefits IT support technicians provide. For more information on what IT support technicians do and how they can help your business, contact the information technology experts at Elevate Outsourced IT today.