Finding The Right Denver IT Services Provider

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Investing in the Right Denver IT Services Provider in 2020

What are the Right Tech Solutions for 2020?

Discover how to increase business efficiency, save money, boost employee engagement and more by investing in the right technology for the coming year.  

Denver IT Services Provider

Technology plays a vital role in every single industry. It can increase workplace productivity by 20%. It significantly boosts workplace engagement by enabling employees to work remotely. It also enables companies to launch marketing campaigns faster than would have otherwise been possible. The truth is that a business owner simply cannot go wrong investing in top-tier IT solutions for his or her company.

At the same time, knowing which forms of technology are the best for a particular firm can be challenging. Following is an overview of some cutting-edge IT developments to help business owners make wise, well-informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

A recent survey found that more than 80% of executives believe that AI would increase a company’s productivity and give a company an edge over its competitors. It isn’t hard to see why businesses from a wide range of industries put a premium on AI and all that it has to offer when one considers its many advantages:

  • The ability to understand verbal input and obey what is being said
  • The ability to automate simple tasks, and to perform rote jobs faster and more efficiently than human employees.
  • The ability to adapt and learn as new and varied situations are presented. This particular ability is extremely important in the cybersecurity realm as hackers are continually changing tactics and methods in order to breach a company’s IT security.
  • The ability to quickly and accurately analyze large quantities of data.

It’s also worth noting that AI would enable a company to save money by having work done by an algorithm rather than human employees.

Remote Work and Mobile Technology

As was noted above, employees who work remotely tend to be more engaged than those who aren’t given this freedom. Thankfully, mobile and remote work technology has been around for some time and there are plenty of options in this field to pick from.

Companies that want to take full advantage of remote work and mobile technology may want to consider the following courses of action:

  • Providing employees with the necessary hardware to enable them to work securely from home
  • Setting up a secure online collaboration tool such as Google Apps for Business, Trello, Asana, Huddle or Basecamp
  • Storing documents on a secure cloud server to allow employees to access these easily while working outside the office
  • Providing security training for employees, so they know how to send and store files securely

Partnering with a Denver IT Services Provider

IT service providers enable small and medium-sized businesses to avail themselves of the same top-tier IT solutions that large companies use. Such companies offer plans in various price points and customize their services to meet the needs of any company, organization or office.

Typical services provided by an IT service provider include:

  • Cutting edge hardware and software
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Cybersecurity software and employee training
  • IT assessments and recommendations

Generally speaking, it is far more affordable to work with an IT service provider than it is to hire full-time IT specialists. What is more, IT service providers have more training, experience, and tools on hand than an independent IT specialist would be able to provide.

Elevate is a Denver IT service provider that specializes in helping business owners select the technology they will need to grow a business both now and in the future. Elevate also provides companies with the tools and training needed to maximize technology investments to enable a company to get the best value for the money spent. The company puts a priority on offering cutting edge cloud storage solutions to enable companies to store and access data in a secure, efficient manner. Get in touch with us at your convenience to discover how we can help you transition from old, outdated technology to new technology that will enable you to reach your business goals.