Is Your IT Company In Denver Secure?

An employee of a IT Company in Denver works on a laptop that is shown as secure by a digital lock symbol.

Your IT Company In Denver Needs To Be Secure

You hear about small businesses and massive enterprises getting hacked on nearly a daily basis. It’s regular news at this point, so you probably tune it out, right?

What about IT companies? Have you noticed when they get hacked?

It’s more significant because they’re supposed to be responsible for their clients’ cybersecurity. It doesn’t look very good if they can’t even protect themselves.

And it begs the question – is your IT company in Denver secure?

When An IT Company In Denver Gets Hacked…

It’s especially dangerous when an IT company gets hacked because they often have access to all their clients’ data. In effect, all their clients are hacked as well.

That’s precisely what happened when Colorado’s Complete Technology Solutions was recently infected with ransomware – all their clients, 100+ dentistry industry businesses, were infected as well. In the end, CTS had to pay a reported $700,000 ransom, but some of their clients were left to pay ransoms individually for their own files.

If it could happen to an IT company in Denver that works with that many clients, don’t you think it’s possible it could happen to your IT company too?

Is Your IT Company In Denver Secure?

You need to be confident that your IT company in Denver can protect you, as well as themselves. If you’re at all unsure, then do your due diligence and inquire about their security standards and practices.

Ask how they are protected from ransomware – what makes them different from other IT companies in Denver that have been hacked?

Who Does Your IT Company In Denver Work With?

This is the next logical step. If you’re considering whether your IT company in Denver can keep you secure, you need to follow the chain to the companies they trust for their security.

Are you familiar with the cybersecurity vendors your current IT company in Denver works with? Did you know that they constantly deal with third parties on your behalf? More importantly, are you sure you can trust these third parties with your business’ interests?

Elevate Services Group is proud to work only with industry-leading partners, including:

  • Webroot: Webroot Endpoint Protection stops sophisticated cyberattacks and will keep devices and users safe from cyber threats.
  • Microsoft: As one of the world’s biggest names in computing, Microsoft technologies employ a series of best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.
  • Datto: Datto offers backup and business continuity capabilities, built on their near-decade of experience and comprehensive expertise in the field.

Cybersecurity isn’t something you can just let slide. Third-parties involved with your business – either directly, or in concert with your IT company in Denver — are a part of your supply chain. How they perform affects how you perform. If you truly have your success in mind, you need to manage your third parties effectively – or your IT company in Denver should be doing it for you.

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