Three IT Services Every Single Small Business Needs

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What IT Services do Small Businesses Need the Most?


Discover the three IT services that are essential to your business’s success and learn which MSP is best positioned to offer these services in the Denver area.  


Your IT department is a strategic asset that can help you identify business opportunities, boost your company’s income, minimize business operational costs, and more. However, expert help is often in order to make the most of your IT hardware and software. That is why every single small business owner should seriously consider availing him or herself of the following IT managed services.

Comprehensive IT Assessment


A good IT managed service will always provide an initial IT assessment for first-time clients. This assessment will enable the IT company to:


  • Identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited by a cybercriminal
  • Determine what hardware and software would be the best fit for the business
  • Customize its services to suit a company’s exact needs
  • Develop IT training programs for the company’s employees



Every single day, hackers create well over 200,000 malware samples. While many of these samples are used to successfully target large corporations, small business owners are usually the ones who face the brunt of cybercriminal attacks. Recent stats show that well over 43% of all cyberattack victims were small businesses that don’t have the ability to hire multiple IT experts to safeguard their IT systems.


IT managed services level the playing field by providing small business owners with the same expertise available to large, multinational companies. IT MSP cybersecurity services include not only up to date software but also employee training, secure storage options, and a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity in the event of a hack.

IT Monitoring and Support


IT monitoring is an essential service that ensures a business’s IT systems are working properly and efficiently at all times. What is more, an IT managed service provider that continually monitors a business’s IT department will be able to address problems before they arise and offer advice on IT upgrades that can enable a company to become even more profitable in the future.


Furthermore, many IT managed service providers also offer 24/7 support in the event something goes wrong. This professional assistance minimizes downtime and the loss of income that invariably comes with it. It also shows customers, suppliers, and business partners that your company can be trusted to meet deadlines and provide fast, efficient service.

Introducing Elevate Services Group


Elevate is a leading IT managed service provider in the Denver area. The company is known not only for providing cutting edge IT solutions to small and mid-size businesses but also offering top-tier customer service, making it easy for business owners who aren’t tech-savvy to get expert advice and assistance without undue delay. What is more, we offer flexible service packages to meet your IT needs at a cost you can afford. Get in touch with us to learn more or to make an appointment with one of our certified, experienced IT technicians.