Pros & Cons: Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support



The business world today is incredibly reliant on computers, smartphones, and all forms of technology in general. This can be helpful for businesses because you can respond to clients immediately, and stay on top of employees’ productivity. The downside to technology is there is less time to relax, and more time is centered around work.

Keeping employees productive depends heavily on how well your Information Technology (IT) department provides information. IT departments are integral to a company running smoothly, but many businesses have now looked to outsourcing IT departments.

When you look for Outsourced IT Support, you can obtain the best people for the job, typically at a fraction of the price.  Here are all of the Pros and Cons of outsourcing your IT support.


Pros of IT Outsourcing


Independent Contractors


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) typically work on a contract basis. This means they are not guaranteed work day in and day out. This also means that they will work harder to make clients happy, and keep work going. There are no vacations, there are never sick days, they simply come to work when they are hired, or you hire someone else.


Resources are Scalable


When operations are working smoothly you do not need to pay for outsourced IT support. This is great because you will only pay for the work that you need. If you have a smaller company, this can save you huge amounts of money. You will also be able to hire multiple IT technicians if multiple employees need help. There is no waiting around for the IT department to be ready to work. They are there when you need them, and in the numbers that you need.


Utilize Experts


Since IT is made of many different categories, such as security, cloud, storage, communications, networking, ERP, EMR, and accounting software, there is a lot that goes on in an IT department. Often you will need experts for each of these categories as well. The problem with this is that it can be extremely expensive. If you hire outsourced IT services, you will be able to hire an expert that you need, as if you are only paying one person the entire time!


Cons of Outsourced IT Services


  • It can be difficult not having IT staff in the office.
  • You may need to give up a bit of control when you hire a third-party to manage your IT services.
  • You may need to let go of your in-house staff.


Outsourcing IT is a Big Decision


Although relying on a third-party company is a big decision, it may be your best decision. Choosing to outsource allows you to be in control of your success. You will never get the results you are looking for without a tailored IT plan. The right outsourced IT vendor will help you to get where you need to be, reach your targets, and achieve success at a lower price.