What Are IT Services?

Small Business IT Services Denver


Wondering if your business will benefit from a new IT support team? It helps to first understand the many types of services that IT professionals can deliver. Here are just a few IT services that can enhance and secure your business. 




When most people think of a business’ IT needs, cybersecurity is one of the top priorities. After all, businesses may need to protect their own data as well as sensitive information on customers. IT experts can employ a variety of the tools and practices to keep your network safe from viruses and hackers. Some examples include:


  • Data encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Routine data backup
  • Network monitoring
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Safe file sharing practices and custom access rights


The IT team will need the cooperation of everyone at your business to ensure security remains tight. 


Computer Repair


Anyone who has ever worked with a computer knows that unexpected maintenance issues can cause plenty of stress. From physical issues such as damaged wires to internal problems such as Wi-Fi adapter driver errors, an IT service can come up with quick repair solutions. Routine maintenance and equipment inspection can also ensure your computers keep running efficiently for as long as you need them. 


Data Backup


As mentioned earlier, routine data backup can be a wise option when it comes to safeguarding your data from security threats. Even if the original data is lost, you can use saved files to restore operations and keep things running smoothly. IT pros can offer Cloud backup services to store your business’ most important files. 




Does your business always seem to be suffering from networking issues? IT experts can adjust your networking infrastructure to minimize issues with elements like modems and LAN routers. Hire an IT team that’s willing to look at your existing infrastructure and suggest and implement changes that increase security and efficiency.    


Data Analytics


Are your latest efforts moving your business in the right direction? Some IT services will offer to run data analytics for businesses. Essentially the IT experts keep a close eye on data and create reports for business owners to assess. From there, the business owner can determine what is and what isn’t working. 


Remote Access 


Many businesses are switching to policies and practices that allow employees to work from home – either full-time or on a limited basis. Of course, lots of technology goes into remote work. For example, employees need to be able to access their work files. IT experts can help you set up virtual desktops as a solution to this issue. An IT team can also offer technical support for employees who run into roadblocks while trying to remotely access their work files. 


Elevate Your Business


When you need IT services in Denver, Elevate Services Group can help. Your business can benefit from our engaging team of professionals, effective tech tools, and proven processes that lead to IT success. Whether you lack a formal IT service or want to modernize your current operations, we can offer assistance. Reach out today to schedule an initial conversation.