What is a Managed Services Provider?

What is a managed services provider


Many businesses can benefit from hiring a managed services provider. Managed services providers, or MSPs for short, are third-party organizations that help manage corporate IT systems, infrastructure, security, and other needs. Some MSPs specialize in certain areas, like firewalls or data storage, as well. Find out more about managed services providers, how they work, and when to hire managed services in Denver


How MSPs work


Typically, a managed services provider is hired as a third-party to fill in the gaps of in-house IT and security services of a business or corporation. This could be for several reasons. Sometimes, the in-house team simply needs support on a particular issue. MSPs can also help assess problems that may need more coverage or security issues that have gone unnoticed. 


You can also hire a managed services provider to address issues in multiple departments, not just IT. They can provide technical support when necessary, building systems from the ground up. Think of them as your on-call problem solver. You can rely on them for daily troubleshooting, site maintenance and monitoring, reporting, or automation services. 


Best of all, managed services providers can operate off-site. This makes them a great option for primarily work-from-home organizations or if you’re hiring out-of-state. Through the use of specialized software, an MSP can address your IT and security integrations from virtually anywhere. 


How they benefit IT environments


Through the use of remote support, MSPs can assist with a range of services for any type of business. Initially, the services these professionals managed fell under the scope of RMM, or remote monitoring and management, of online networks. That scope has since broadened, making MSPs some of the most sought after professionals of cloud management and online integrations.


When to hire an MSP


If you’re looking to improve or streamline your company’s online operations, consider hiring a managed services provider. Best of all, both small and large organizations can benefit from hiring an MSP. For those with limited in-house management services, a third-party managed services provider can help fill in the gaps. Even large government organizations can hire MSPs to overcome limitations within their own teams.


You should hire a managed services provider if you need professional help with complex online systems. Here are just a few ways that an MSP can help your organization:


  • They can help support current staff by lending technical expertise and support
  • They can help build and manage IT infrastructure
  • They can provide support for account access issues
  • They can assist with cybersecurity issues and install security software
  • They can help mitigate security risks and implement compliance protocols
  •  They can set up and manage contracts
  • They can provide additional support and security for company payroll


Hiring a managed services provider helps keep your organization safe on many levels. Consider hiring managed services in Denver to provide organizational support and to streamline processes. For more information on professional managed services, and to hire proactive IT support, contact Elevate.