What are the different types of IT companies?

What are the different types of IT companies?


IT, or information technology, encompasses a broad range of computer, internet, and technology services. These services are offered by various companies that concentrate in one form or another. They often aid small businesses and large corporations in their website management, online security, hardware and software setup, and troubleshooting needs.


Learn more about the different types of IT companies so that you can determine whether IT services in Denver are the right choice for your business. 


Three types of IT companies


Just like other businesses, IT companies come in all shapes and sizes. Hiring an IT company that can work on your level and with your business’ needs can be highly beneficial. There are three main tiers of IT services that you can hire.




Low-level IT services are the most basic tier and are a great choice for many small to mid-sized businesses or startups. Managed service providers, or MSPs, offer low-level IT services such as software and hardware installation, new and existing infrastructure integration, and ongoing system support. Low-level managed services also provide some security and performance guidance, but do not include direct action or planning with these issues.




Mid-level managed services are often known as value-added MSPs. You’ll not only receive all of the low-level benefits, but your IT service will be more hands-on. Action items, like security and performance issues, are typically taken care of with mid-level services. Additionally, IT planning and assistance can help build a better system with less issue moving forward.




High-level IT services are the go-to for many corporations and large organizations. They include even more network support, including reports on data and analytics. They can even help you set up a mobile networking system so that you can have access on-the-go. High-level MSPs are known for their in-depth tracking and planning services, as well. This can be a huge game-changer for your business, especially if you’re trying to build programs or improve security. 


IT services they provide


Managed IT services offer a range of network and support options. The most common types of services found at any IT company are:


Hardware support: updating and repairing computers and IT equipment, deleting old data safely, and disposing of old hardware systems.


Software support: updating licenses and agreements, ensuring the company is compliant under current end-user agreements, and canceling old licenses that are no longer useful.


Network management: configuring online infrastructure like connecting printers, installing firewalls, and building servers, setting up security measures like two-factor authentication, performing network maintenance, and monitoring for suspicious activity.


Communications: setting up voice and video calling options, configuring communication systems, fixing video connection issues, setting up company voicemail protocols, and maintaining these systems.


Cloud services: setting up cloud-based meetings and projects, configuring IaaS and PaaS infrastructures, transferring cloud data, training company members on how to safely and efficiently use cloud services, and cloud service support.


Security: protecting online data, installing and maintaining cybersecurity systems, monitoring and adapting to security threats, and improving security systems.

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